Macrame Bracelet in Black and Gold with Tiger Eye "The Guardian"



Macrame Bracelet in Black and Gold with Ruby "The Guardian"

Expand your aura with "The Guardian" Bracelet. Crafted from lustrous 14k gold-plated silver, it features the enigmatic allure of black moissanites and the protective strength of black tiger's eye.

The black moissanites evoke an air of mystique, while the tiger's eye, renowned for its protective qualities, instills courage and resilience. Wear this bracelet as your personal guardian, a symbol of strength and elegance that shields your path, ensuring you navigate life's journey with grace and determination. Let it be your protective talisman, accompanying you on every adventure.

Product Details:

  • Base metal: Sterling Silver 925
  • Plating: 14k Gold
  • Bead Size: 10x10mm 
  • 1x Black Tyger Eye bead - 9.0 ct.
  • Stone: White Moissanites - 0.015 ct. each  
  • String color: Black
  • Style: Macrame braided 

Please note that all our pieces are crafted by hand and one-of-a-kind, and may therefore vary slightly in size, shape, and color.

Bracelet sizing:

To find your perfect bracelet size, measure your wrist circumference and refer to our size guide. Simply wrap a measuring tape or string around your wrist snugly but not too tight. This measurement will help you determine the appropriate size for a comfortable fit.

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    It deserves an extra star!

    Exceptional and outstanding quality for lovers who are looking for special an individual pieces. Absolutely fantastic colors.