“There is no passion to be found playing small, in settling
for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”
- Nelson Mandela

Yordan Kirov is the visionary, inspirer and the creative mind behind Mahigan. From an early age he’s been sensual, sensitive and passionate for arts, drawing, and design. Those have been the step stones, which have allowed him in his adulthood — sailing all over the world while encountering its multicultural and multiethnic diversity — to soak the vibrant environment around him. This is how Yordan has became the person he is nowadays.

Yordan is an adventurer at heart with cravings for the world and life. His insatiable lust for speed has ventured him to numerous racing tracks where riding his motorbike makes him feel alive.

About the Founder - Mahigan

And in spite of being a true global nomad and a real citizen of the world, his mind keeps encompassing the genuine enthusiasm for fashion and style.

Yordan has got inspired by the idea of creating beautiful products, painstakingly made and reflecting his personal aesthetics. His great-grandmother Nona — once overcame her poor rural ancestry — has become a role model and an insight for a successful life as a superb tailor and entrepreneur. Endeavoring upon the footsteps of her disciplined work ethics, self-confidence, perseverance and persistence and resonating to his drive to manifest his ancestry, has proved Yordan worthy of establishing Mahigan.

Since the wolfs have long fascinated Yordan, he’s realized why he always loved hearing his beloved great-grandma’s stories. To him, she’s been an independent human epitome with a distinct desire to stand out and to make a difference for oneself, as much as a wolf proudly shows up in the forest, confident and proud of itself.

Yordan has always believed in himself as ever as he believes in the products his brand creates. It is his attention to the smallest details that turns them into icons and pieces to desire. His commitment to quality and exquisite design outshines the triviality above and beyond.