The name 'Mahigan,' pronounced [me-HEE-gun], draws its roots from the native Algonquin language, and means a wolf. Wolves, revered for their social complexity and intelligence, became the symbolic embodiment of our brand. Mahigan mirrors the values we hold dear - guardianship, loyalty, spirit, strength, courage, freedom, and strong intuition. Like a wolf in a forest, we stand proud and committed in what we do.

The Mahigan Commitment

Mahigan is about quality above and beyond everything. Each and every Mahigan product is crafted in Bulgaria — world known as a hub for exceptional artisans in jewelry and handcraftsmanship.

Our heritage runs deep.
Mahigan stands for the true quality is everlasting, and that applies either to the craftsmanship or the aesthetics of our jewelry. Attention to the smallest details, diligence and a passion for what we make is what defines us as a company and as a brand. Most of our products are handcrafted, using the ancient macramé braiding technique. Our skilled artisans weave together natural, precious, and semi-precious stones with both sterling silver and gold plated silver.

We are a family of artisans, artists and innovators. We love what we do. As much as a wolverine family keeps to themselves we are loyal to each other and to the clan the Mahigan stands. We always have the courage of conviction and innate instinct in everything we do.

The Mahigan Man, The Mahigan Woman

Who is the Mahigan man?
The Mahigan man is self-confident and makes no attempts in being a someone, because he simply stands for himself. He possesses a genuine blend of composure, courage, agility, appeal and approachability making him uniquely remarkable like no-other.

Who is the Mahigan woman?
The Mahigan Woman is as cosmopolitan and sophisticated woman who shows up with her full SELF and inner TRUTH. She stands above a mere ‘fashionista’ and manifests her stunning look, vivacious spirit, determined character and irresistible presence. The person with their Mahigan wearables stands out independent and strong, drawing attention and admiration from all world around.

As the wolf inspires our brandname, our core spirit and principles stand for a seeming effortlessness and eternal true.