The elegance of nature inspired us to tailor our identity. It unfolds before you a musical score for an alluring symphony of some of the elements our nature has —

the sun and the water.

The birth-giving water - our purifying source and genuine creator - is in the center of our logo illustrating how it springs to life out of the Earth, giving meaning to our existence.

It shapes us with its soft and gentle texture, yet it firmly manifests who the Mahigans are and what we stand for.

It comes out in a M-shaped immaculate fountain that symbolizes the change in your life and inspires power and truth.

The almighty sun - encompassing the logo in a royal wholeness - embodies the circle of life in its eternity.

As time passes by, from birth to death and rebirth - over and over again. We envision its Divine Beauty in a celestial perfection, the nature only has, as a perpetuum mobile that gives you an immaculate protection against chaos and unpredictability.

The kissing number - twelve rays of light radiating from the sun - engraved on some of our articles, render a daring manifestation of the perfection and entirety of the cosmic order we would very much like you to witness with your jewelry.

Shine bright like a Mahigan.
Ride the sun surf like a Mahigan.
Surf the sun rays like a Mahigan.
Mahagan - rise elegantly to the Sun.
Rise gallantly like the Sun.