Silver Flat-bead Bracelet with Blue Sapphire in Black "The Guardian"


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Silver Flat-bead Bracelet with Blue Sapphire in Black "The Guardian"

Expand your aura with "The Guardian" Bracelet. A Reflection of Your Protective Spirit

The blue sapphire, at the heart of 'The Guardian,' not only represents wisdom but also fosters inner peace and strength. Just as you protect and nurture those you care about, the sapphire nurtures your inner self, encouraging clarity and calm amidst life's storms.

Product Details:

  • Unisex
  • Base metal: Sterling Silver 925
  • Plating: White Rhodium
  • Bead Size: 10x10mm 
  • 1x Blue Sapphire bead - 8.0 ct.
  • Stone: Black Moissanites - 0.015 ct. each  
  • String color: Black
  • Style: Macrame braided 

The sapphires, known for their wisdom-enhancing properties, inspire clear thinking, aligning perfectly with the wearer's focus.

Please note that all our pieces are crafted by hand and one-of-a-kind, and may therefore vary slightly in size, shape, and color.

Bracelet sizing:

To identify the ideal size for your bracelet, measure the circumference of your wrist and consult our size guide. Gently wrap a measuring tape or string around your wrist, ensuring a snug fit without excessive tightness. This measurement will assist you in choosing the right size for a comfortable and stylish fit.

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